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Auto Dealer Benchmarking

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CFO Intelligence - An innovative web based company founded by an experienced Automotive CFO, designed by car people for car people.  Industry experts will share many years of retail Automotive Business Management experience with an effective program designed to make Auto Dealer Benchmarking both easy and effective. 

CFO Intelligence offers its customers a new sleek and defined Auto Dealer Benchmarking. With CFO Intellligence’s cutting edge software, it will allow dealerships to gain more insight into their business by finding faster and more effective ways to turn data into relevant, actionable information.  Dealerships can shorten their business cycles, increase responsiveness to changing business conditions and gain a competitive edge.  CFO Intelligence's innovative software solutions have made Auto Dealer Benchmarking achievable by empowering Dealers to make their corporate data accessible regardless of its source or location. Auto Dealer Benchmarking will be available to an unlimited number of authorized users inside and outside the dealership through a secure logon.  It will also allow Dealers to make faster and more effective informed decisions, it will quickly identify missed opportunities and will track the Dealership's overall performance.  Get CFO Intelligence on your team today. Try it out today

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